What do I do?

I'm a designer. I design in and across all media to create anything from websites to logos to brochures to owner's manuals to packaging to ad campaigns.

I'm also a team builder and a consultant. If you have a project with multiple moving parts I can build you a team and manage it to make your project a success.

Web Services

I specialize in open-source content management systems with the aesthetic and functionality your users require. But I do other web services too:

  • Basic website consulting: I can help you choose the best platform for your site, get hosting, get email, get your devices all set up, etc. Like a Golden Girl, I can be a friend and a confidant.
  • Tinkerer/handyman: Your site is fine but something isn't working the way it should. I'll dig in and clean it up, oil it, and get it running the way it should.
  • CMS (content management systems): You have an existing site and you want to retrofit it to a CMS like WordPress or Joomla? I can help with that. Usually a retrofit isn't the best course of action, but we can explore it together.
  • Web Design: Your content is ok but your site needs a facelift.
  • Web Development/CMS: You're a designer or have a site design in need of programming.
  • Webmaster: Your site needs updates. I can help.


A brand is that little bit of real estate you own in your audience's brain—we'll develop the touch points that fire up those synapses.

Collateral Design

Creative solutions for all types of print—from brochures and sales sheets to pocket folders and packaging.

Integrated Campaigns

Concept to completion, we design against strategy. Display ads to immersion experiences, we develop tactics that align with your marketing goals.

How we’ll work together.

Let's assume we're going to work together, this is my typical process for a website project. Depending on the work we're doing together steps might get skipped, steps might get added. I don't want to sound too loosey goosey, but it all kind of depends on your wants and needs.

We'll talk

We sit down over some coffee and talk about what you want. Your crazy ideas, my crazy ideas, timelines, expectations, your budget (yes, your budget). Do you need hosting? Do you want cheaper hosting? Do you already have a domain name? Do you have email set up? Do you need email set up? Am I going to be helping you out doing all the IT stuff?

Budget talk? Gross.

I know, this is the worst part of any job, but it's very important. I need to know how much you want to invest in your project so I know how much time I can invest in your project. We're adults, you're not buying a used car, I'm not trying to take advantage of you. I'm going to estimate honestly. But if we know up front that you only want to spend $3,000 we know you can't have a full wall of windows and the granite counter tops, you might have to go with Corian. In other words, it really helps manage everyone's expectations.

Website Audit

If you have a pre-existing website we review and categorize everything. We decide what stays, what goes, and we'll put it in some kind of shared document. Probably a Google spreadsheet.

Site map

Now that we know what our content will be we need to organize it. We'll talk about site structure, navigation, content areas, etc.

Content Outline

Now we need to start gathering content for your site. We'll get new content written if we need it and we'll edit or combine existing content.

CMS Setup

If you want a CMS (content management system), and you probably do, we'll figure out what works best for you and get the skeleton structure built out.

Once the CMS set up and the skeleton is there, we'll need to put some meat on the bones. You can begin to build out the content on the beta site.


This gets a little chicken and egg. It's hard to design a site before you have content because you don't know if pages have 2 sentences of content or 10 paragraphs, photos, callouts, and calls-to-action. But you'll want to see a design up front so it looks like something is happening. I get it.


I take the design and mesh it with the CMS.


My testing is more about how the site looks on different devices rather than browser compatibility. I only code for the latest browsers.


We'll sit down a final time, we'll look over everything, check our work and you'll give me the final word to make it live.

After launch

Who's going to look after your site? It's like a garden. You have to tend to it, you can't just set it and forget it. You need to do the regular security updates. You need to update your content. If you want that to be me, great. We'll work something out.

It's painless. I promise.